You have reached The Commissioners of Leonardtown’s online payment portal.  This portal is limited to accepting payments for the quarterly water, sewer, and trash bill. Do not make property tax payments here.   

 If you choose to register for an account, you will be able to see billing, usage, and payment history when necessary.  There is also an option for viewing the current bill.  The format is different than the paper bill sent in the mail but includes all the same information.  This is helpful if delivery of the paper bill is delayed.

 There is an option to use QuickPay versus Log In if you would rather not sign up for an account.  The QuickPay option will not allow payment of more than the outstanding balance.  If you want to make pre-payments, please register.

If you have any questions about or encounter any problems using this portal, you may reach the Town office staff at 301-475-9791 during regular business hours or email leonardtown.commissioners@leonardtownmd.gov. 

 There is no additional fee to make online payments.

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